How coronavirus can affect gays.

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The situation with coronavirus as of March 31, 2020 is still extremely difficult, but it may be more difficult for gays (people of non-traditional sexual orientation).

The Global Times reports that Tongji Medical College’s Center for Reproductive Medicine said the new coronavirus could cause testicular damage and male infertility.

A team led by Professor Li Yufeng said that coronavirus sneaks into cells through a combination of protein S and angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), causing tissue damage. Scientists believe that other organs of the human body, such as the testicles, small intestine, kidneys, heart, and thyroid gland, can be damaged in addition to the lungs.

At the moment, gays are going through a very difficult period, quarantine is very bad for them. They lose their mood, develop depression, lack of sex - all this badly affects gays.

How do gay men fight quarantine during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic?
Most gay couples have no difficulties, they play sports at home, take courses online, watch movies, learn the language. (According to marketing company Koddi).

The hardest thing is for single gays, abstinence from sex, lack of attention, imprisonment at home. Many of them have found application in the famous TikTok application. They found a way to get to know each other through video there. We learned to identify hidden talents in ourselves and share them with the audience.

According to marketing company Koddi, there has been a sharp increase in traffic in applications and on dating sites for gays by 61.2%.

So in the Grindre application there is an increase in the number of visits by 36.4%, the duration of the session by 17.9%. In the Hornet application, there is an increase in the number of visits by 28.5%, the duration of sessions by 15.8%. On the gay dating site GayDating, there has been an increase in the number of visits by 34.2%, the duration of the sessions has increased by 18.4%, the number of registrations has also increased by 42.3% compared to the beginning of March 2020.

Grindre application (available in the Play Store)
Hornet app (available in the Play Store)
Gay dating site for sex GayDating (available here)

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Source: Global Times News Portal and Koddi Marketing Company
Date of publication: 03/31/2020

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